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Installing a new roof, or repairing/replacing an existing roof is a substantial and critical expense for business owners. You need to get the very best work for your money. We always offer professional, guaranteed work, and our prices are fair and binding.


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Or Re-roof the entire building. Before you can make a decision about whether to recover or reroof, you need to know what each method involves. Here’s a basic definition of each term: Recover. Recovering means a new roofing system will be installed over an existing roof. It is also often referred to as a lay over.


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Whether you require a leak repair or an entire new roof, call our group of qualified and talented people. we take pride in the work we perform with our dedicated roofing teams.

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Roofs undergo many movements that affect performance such as building settlement, thermal expansion and contraction, and weathering (sun, wind, rain, snow). Because of these movements, details such as wall flashing and soil stack leads develop gaps that allow water to migrate into the roofing system. Often, this migration goes undetected because it is absorbed into the decking or insulation and does not drip into the interior of the building. This absorption then causes damage to the roofing components that make a simple overlayment an impossibility. Maintenance includes:

Making minor field and flashing repairs.
Removing debris from the roof drains and gutters
Caulking roof-related sheet metal and skylights
Resealing drain needs
Refastening loose panels on rooftop HVAC units
Scheduled preventative maintenance prevents leaks from occurring and saves costs on emergency repairs, loss of inventory, damaged light fixtures/electrical systems and downtime for your managers as well as maintaining a positive image for your customers.

A checklist of critical areas to be inspected will be supplied along with photos of before and after repair and cleaning of debris. In addition, recommendations will be made so you will be able to prioritize which roofs need attention and which can simply continue with maintenance. Surprise roof replacements will be a thing of the past and capital budgets can be planned in advance.

Routine roof inspections and proper maintenance are key to extending the life of your roof. We can find and solve a minor problem before it becomes a big and costly problem. When a leak slips through the roof substrate to your ceiling, you may have severe and costly damage to your roof as well as potential mold issues.

As a roofing contractor we see every kind of damages. We all know things happen, such as deterioration of membrane and flashings, drain and gutter blockages, air conditioners leaking, storm damage, moisture infiltration, base attachments for mechanical equipment come loose, membrane seams come loose, compressed or crushed insulation, cuts and punctures, membrane swells or cracks, ponding of water, debris buildup, loose metal flashing, caulking cracks, edge cavitation, and the list goes on.



Simply put, bad things can happen to a roof and often do. The key is early detection while the solution is still inexpensive and your building is unharmed. Your roof is one of your most valuable assets, protect it

Need a New Roof? Try a Modified Membrane System

EPDM A Single-Ply Membrane

Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer (EDPM) roofing is an efficient rubber roof style used on low-slope roofing surfaces. It is a synthetic rubber most commonly used in single-ply roofing because it is readily available and relatively simple to apply. It is also called Single Ply Membrane and it is one of the common types of low-slope roofing. It’s been in use on roofs in Canada since the 1960’s.

When properly applied, it has a life cycle of 15 to 25 years. It is great for preventing leaks and is often installed for roofs that have problems with weathering, failing joints, and inflexibility. It is relatively inexpensive as well as simple to install. Compared to conventional built-up roofs, it is also much cleaner and doesn’t emit the odors and fumes that are often associated with built up roofing systems. Vulcanized EPDM is the most common type of EPDM roofing system. Non-vulcanized EPDM is typically used for flashing purposes.

There are two methods of applying EPDM:

Fully adhered EPDM uses water-based or solvent-based adhesives to adhere the EPDM rubber to the substrate.


Mechanically fastened EPDM is attached to the substrate by manufacturer-approved mechanical methodology.

and a River Rock System that is an enviromentally green roof.

EPDM Benefits:

Highly dependable, economically beneficial, high durability, and high efficiency makes EPDM an attractive option to any building owner looking to a commercial, industrial and institutional roofing contractor for a new roof or an upgrade to the existing roofing system.

Additionally, an EPDM roof will often come with long warranty, low maintenance requirements, low installation labor costs, and generally garner rather easy code approvals. Catastrophic weather experiences, such as hurricanes – EPDM roofs have very high resistance, making them quite practical for those who live in those areas.

Advantages of EPDM

EPDM roofs are highly resistant to weathering, ozone, and surface damage. It is flexible in cold weather and still has high fire and heat resistance. You can’t go wrong choosing EPDM for low-slope roofs and flat roofs that need to be waterproof and durable against the harsh Texas weather.

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Another example of a Single-Ply Membrane is the thermoplastic TPO or PVC roofing system. These membranes can be repeatedly softened by heating or hardened when cooled.

Because of the materials chemical nature, thermoplastic membranes typically are seamed by heat welding with hot air or solvent welding. The most common thermoplastic roof membranes are PVC and TPO. The following provides general descriptions of these two systems .