We Offer Tuck Pointing & Brick Work Repair

Bricks Get Old.

Missing bricks, crumbling mortar, and damaged chimney caps are more than just an eyesore, if neglected, they can become costly and dangerous.

To repair mortar joints in brick walls or chimneys, we need to “tuck” mortar into the gaps that are cracked or has gaps. The tools used are called “pointing” trowels, hence the term Tuck pointing. This critical work can add many decades to the life of your chimney because it prevents water from entering between the bricks and cracking them or spalling the facing (popping the brick face off) during the freezing and thawing cycles that we experience in Chicago.

A tuck pointer removes deteriorated or cracked mortar and then fills it to seal the joints is needed on many chimneys.

A Chimney that has lost it’s ability to stop moisture from entering the brick chimney wall is bound to fail. Reasonable Chicago Roofers will fill the gaps with white mortar material to weatherproof and repair deteriorated areas.
Today, the terms Point, Repoint and Tuck point are used to describe similar processes which creates a bit of confusion.


Mortar may typically last only 25 years, but bricks are capable of lasting more than 100 years. The key to longevity is to make sure the joints are repointed when the mortar begins to break down, decreasing the amount of water that gets into the bricks themselves.

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We can repair your brick wall and keep it safe. Let us inspect your brickwork and save you money.